June 21, 2017

The best trick ever

Something I got from watching Al-Kuliyyah last week, Ustaz Elyas Ismail.

Got it? Keep yourself busy by doing good things until you are too tired/ exhausted to do bad things. It's not about keep doing good things until you are so used to it, but more to keeping yourself busy and using up all your energy. Like, using up all your voice to recite the Quran until no more voice to gossip. Can ah? 

Anyway, that, worked really well on me once. Except the fact that I made myself busy with something else to avoid from doing another thing. I like to text message (zaman sms, no whatsapp) my then boyfriend; who is now my husband, about almost everything. Bercerita. Telling him about how I misplaced my purse, what I think of the economy (cewah), and all sorts of things. Well, lelaki. He didn't quite like that. One of his point that I remembered until now is, "Kalau cerita semua sekarang, nanti lepas kahwin takde benda nak cerita dah" Sentap. So I thought okay fine I will not cook anymore for you, later dah kahwin I got nothing more to cook dah. Eh lari topik!

Okay, back to my main point. To avoid from texting him often, I turned to blogging and reading journals. If I found something interesting, I would rant it out on the blog. If I don't feel like blogging, I would read journals. I read a lot until sometimes I forgot about him. I also turn to blogging to avoid spending too much time scrolling Facebook. Too much screen time on blogging that my eyes got tired to scroll Facebook pulak. See? This really work!

Almost the end of Ramadan now, I hope by sharing this in this holy month I could at least get a bit of pahala eh. Heheh. Selamat beramal!

June 19, 2017

Fruit cocktail jelly pudding (recipe)

Another new recipe I tried in 2017!

10 g serbuk agar-agar (I use the Nona jelly powder, only 8 grams. Turned out okay je.)
1  tin buah-buahan cocktail
150 g gula kaster
650 ml air
250 ml susu cair (I use Ideal)

How to:
1. Heat up the jelly powder, sugar, and water in a pot until the sugar melts; not necessary for the water to boil, as long as the sugar melts.
2. Pour in the susu cair. Let it boil. Yes, until mendidih then tutup api.
3. Add in the fruits. Make sure to drain them first. We only want the fruits.
4. Pour it into your jelly mould, kalau tak ada tuang je in any baking pan, like I did. I also pour some into tiny plastic tupperwares. 
5. Let it cool for a while before putting it into a refrigerator.
6. Potong ikut suka and ready to serve!

Additional information:
  • I used a Red coloured jelly powder, added with the white susu cair, my jelly turned out a nice pink colour.
  • I read up in one blog, she cut out the fruits into smaller pieces before putting them inside the jelly. You can do so as well if you want to jimat a bit on the fruits.
  • In case you didn't notice, mine got a lot of bubbles... Asked mum about it and she said I could just simply remove the bubbles; scoop it out with a spoon before letting it harden up.

I was so happy it turned out okay that I planned on making them for Hari Raya. Hahahah! And I even asked my husband if his office is having any potluck. Or if they are not having one, I planned on making them just for them to take home bagi anak. Macam tu la kan... Baru dapat one easy recipe, nak jaja seluruh dunia. Hahaha...

Selamat mencuba!

June 13, 2017

Tak nak sit down

On bathing Sofia.

My first baby, Sofia, is 10 months old now. She would turn 11 end of this month. And I'm still adapting. Though I can see myself improving in managing and caring for her, especially my patience level has gotten a bit higher now, I still lose temper sometimes.

Like what just happened during bath time. Bathing Sofia went through a lot of changes as she grew older. From in a small basin, to a bigger basin, to a baby bathtub, to a portable baby pool, and now, I resolved to just bathe her in the kitchen sink. I was happy with the latest one. Simply fill in the sink with water, sat her down in it, and let her play with the faucet; water dripping sikit-sikit.

BUT LATELY.... SHE DOESN'T WANT TO SIT! She would hang to me, those tiny fingers grabbing my shirt. So tell me how am I going to wash her upper body. Okay, for a few times I could still keep my calm. Tak apa, I'll just cup some water and wash over her body. 

Tapi susah pulak for her hair. So I just pointed the water faucet to her head and of course lah dengan aku sekali basah... Entah kenapa this time I wanted her to sit down jugak. You, girl, SIT DOWN. Forcing her to sit down... Okay, when I said force, ada kekerasan di situ. I might have grabbed her legs too hard to make her sit. Okay, I did grabbed her legs to MAKE her sit. Just. Like. That, I can feel my temper rising. Macam nak dirasuk setan, tapi bulan puasa semua setan kena ikat kan? 

Astaghfirullah... Anyone has ever felt that before? You realize your temperature rising. Menyirap. It has been quite some time since I last felt that with Sofia... Tak sangka it still can happen even now at 10 months.

That angst lasted until bath time ended (ya halakan paip air ke badan dia and I got wet as well, dapur also banjir habis), until when I have to dress her. It is so hard dressing her now! She would just turn around togel-togel pun... Turn around and crawl.

Still in the process of cooling down, she wanted to help with the bedak and stuff. Like I said, I'm still in the process of cooling down... Sisa-sisa api kemarahan masih ada... Bara masih ada... I ignored her, I didn't give her anything to play with, no bedak no nothing. And she cried. Like, really cried. The kesian/ want to merajuk type. Ah you mothers will know which one is which. 

I still ignored her until one point where I feel kesian pulak. But still tak berganjak. Until my mum told me to calm her down because dah nak teruk sangat. And telling me biasalah budak kadang nak duduk kadang nak berdiri.

So I took her in my arms and calm her down. And I let her play with all the bedak, minyak yuyi whatever. Ish kesian. And she's only 10 months. Okay silap. And it has been only 10 months of me taking care of her. Kesabaran oh kesabaran.....

June 5, 2017

Paying for Lazada at 7E

One word- terjebak

Thank you so much, Mommy Cici for sharing about it! Following her on Instagram, I get to know all the latest updates easily and faster... Which includes how to shop at Lazada and pay for it at 7 Eleven!

It was my first time shopping at Lazada (okay, okay I know I'm so outdated...). What got me attracted was of course, how easy it is to pay. Ever since being locked out of my own Maybank2u account (lupa password), I kind of slowed down a bit on shopping for things online. Whether an online shopping website or those personal businesses requiring to pay online.

It was really easy! Just go to the 7E counter and tell them you want to pay Lazada through MOLPay. Just show them a screenshot of the transaction id, there will be two barcodes in one page, they will scan both barcodes. And them simply pay the amount stated in cash. So easy! See? I mentioned easy TWICE in one paragraph so really, it is really easy! Easy peasy simple pimple.

Make sure you remember which barcodes are which, if you made two different transactions. Yes I'm talking based on my own experience. Mengada-ngada suddenly nak buy another thing, ended up screenshot mana untuk mana pun tak ingat and tak ingat also which one yang dah scan... The guy at 7E made me even more panic by asking multiple times are you sure are you sure.... Padahal the thing that I bought wasn't even worth RM50 pun...

Anyhow, here's a more detailed explanation on paying for Lazada at 7E as written by Mommy Cici. Happy shopping!

This is not a sponsored post.